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I’m Sick

Watch out, for Winter is coming! the cold, dark months, of ice and wind bring with it not only Christmas, but colds too. the nasty bug that is the flu, is highly contagious. Symptoms include,snot, flem and the feeling of ones brains being prodded at with a pointy chopstick day and night. And not only that, but others around you will get it too. Will the snotting and coughing around me never end! So as the trees lose their leaves and the birds all fly away, hold your hats and scarves proudly, and beat the flu today!

Merry Autumn everyone 🙂

( the Flu has hit me hard guys, any remedies to recommend?)


Once Again, I Can’t Sleep!

My sleep has been better recently, since the work and drugs began anyway. I’m always feeling a bit hazy at the minute, as if I’m always half asleep. And tonight I have found myself awake at 4:30am, sat next to my snoring boyfriend ( who by the way is the reason I’m awake). What a great way to start a blog eh?

So I have some questions for anyone who stumbles across this post and wishes to share their knowledge;

1) What is the best and easiest/cheapest way to make money quickly (nothing too illegal :L)?

2) What to do if your boyfriend hates your roommates and won’t stay over because of it?

3) What do you do if you’re worried you’re not good enough for someone?

4) What to do if someone sometimes makes you feel like you’re not good enough for them?

and finally…

5) what’s the best veggie recipe you know ? 🙂


Happy Blogging xx