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Interesting developments in Cancer Research


I came across and article about Wasps having a chemical in their body which has been proven to kill off Cancerous cells and leave healthy cells intact.( ). Having found this, I was reminded of a friend who had attempted to pre-long their dying mothers lifem of cancer using cannabis oil. I found this strange at first, but having been inspired, I did some more research.( ).

I’m sure all of us have been affected by Cancer in one way or another, so it is very important to read critically. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything with this post. I do feel however  that we have a right and a responsibility to look after our own bodies. And even when things are big, scary and complicated to understand, it’s important to know about Cancer, and all of it’s treatments, whether you have Cancer or not. My best advice for someone with cancer would be to not leave your doctors to fix you and hope for the best. There are many ways you can get involved, improve your quality of life or just understand all of the options better. Cancer is only beaten when out-smarted.

Here’s one last link to a very interesting article about Immunotherapy. This therapy is designed to use the body’s natural immune system to fend off unhealthy cells.( immunotherapy-the-big-new-hope-for-cancer-treatment ) and also a medical website, if you don’t trust the news :). ( )

Thank you for reading, I hope this has been helpful 😀 xx

Feeling Emotional This Weekend


Redemption Song :)


Doc Brown: Page 3 Rap


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A Song That Will Make You Laugh and Think :)

Watch the video below if you want to hear a song about things that people hate 😀