This, believe it or not, is a Darlek made out of hay. Those are trees in the background so you can imagine how tall it is. It’s in a field in Nantwich (England), they do a different sculpture each month. If you live in England, I recommend going to see this one. It really is amazing.

BTW great theme this week. Love silhouettes


Weekly Theme; Obsessions

I have decided to put a theme on this week. I thought it would be nice to have a structure to my blog. Here’s the first one: Obsessions.

My last post had a little bit about this, but I wanted to write a post purely for the theme.

As I may have mentioned, I have OCD ( Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This basically means I obsess and have compulsive thoughts about certain things. Mine isn’t the bog standard cleaning and doing things twice kind of OCD, oh no I couldn’t have a tidy room and securely locked doors. My OCD affects the way I think. I like to control my mind and my life. I obsess over remembering every  little detail of a memory. I have to have my life organised to a T. It’s annoying, trust me.

This week I want you to comment or do your own posts about Obsessions you may have or your view on obsessions.

Have a great day 🙂 

My Editing Dilemma!

I don’t usually like editing photographs, but being as I’ve recently taken a photography A level where you must edit every frikin picture, I’ve warmed to it slightly.

One issue I have which I would love some help with is this:

I over edit ! all the time! I start to make small touches and then see the filters and go mad. Like this…


 I mean I think it looks pretty cool. But nether the less I want a cue for this editing obsession. Please help.