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The Greatest Man I Ever Met

Hi guys,

I know it’s been a while but things have been happening. 

You know when you meet a person who is so different, so interesting and so kind that you know within minutes that this person is going to change your life forever. I met this person when I was seven. His name is Martin, he’s a Buddhist, a Latin enthusiast and the smartest man anyone will ever meet. 

Every year on my birthday I would get a card from him and his wife. He would always write a quote or saying in Latin that he thought was relevant to me and my life at that stage. He rides a bike around my village in tight Lycra. He rides motorbikes too, and goes for long weekend trips with my dad and their friends. He didn’t drink much and always brightens a room with his wits and questions.

One day when I was eleven he asked me at a family bbq ‘What does it mean to be Welsh?’ Of course I answered in some sarcastic and silly way. But he wouldn’t stop asking until he got a serious answer. Martin always found a way to switch everyone’s brains on. He woke up our curiosity and made us think about real issues and topics.

A few weeks ago, Martin passed away. He got Lymphoma cancer and was dead within two months. Martin was an incredible person. He made such an impact on my life. I’m seventeen now and I thank him every day for making me the person I am today and keeping me on the right track.

Thank you martin. I will never stop being curious.