Books to Read Before you Die

So I have this slight obsession with books, and I think I’ve gained some knowledge on what makes a good book. I’ve written a few myself and I’ve read a fair few too. Lets get started. These are in no particular order.

  1. The secret life of bees*
  2. One Day*
  3. All of the Harry Potters*
  4. The book thief
  5. The tales of the beedle the bard*
  6. Looking for Alaska*
  7. The Fault in our stars*
  8. Life of Pi*
  9. This is the Life*
  10. The Perks of being a wallflower*
  11. Private Peaceful*
  12. Waiting for Anya*
  13. The amazing story of Adolphus Tips*
  14. The secret dream-world of a shopaholic
  15. Of Mice and Men*
  16. City of Women
  17. Ralph the magic rabbit*
  18. The woman who went to bed for a year
  19. The rosie project
  20. Out of the ashes
  21. The shock of the Fall
  22. Murder on the Orient express
  23. Fifty shades of grey
  24. The little coffee shop of Kabul
  25. The hundred-year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared
  26. The unlikely pilgrimage of harold fry
  27. Watership Down
  28. Hector and the search for Happiness
  29. Peace is every step
  30. How to be a person
  31. The notebook*
  32. Getting the girl
  33. exchange
  34. shadow web
  35. The tiny wife
  36. Bridget Jones diary
  37. Happily ever after
  38. Billy and me
  39. The five people you meet in heaven
  40. Grow up
  41. Pride and Prejudice
  42. To kill a mockingbird
  43. Round Ireland with a fridge
  44. The diary of anne frank
  45. A million miles in a thousand years
  46. A walk in the park
  47. a little love song
  48. Be awesome
  49. An offer you can’t refuse
  50. A long way down*

I hope you love these books as much as I do. The ones with a *star* at the end re must reads.


I’m Back !

I'm Back !

I’ve been in Scotland for the last two weeks on a secret mission that I can’t talk about right now 😉 But I did manage to get quite a few photos taken when I was up there. This one is just a taster, Couldn’t edit it properly because I’m on a rubbish little laptop. Hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter 🙂