26th of Feb 2014

I either have nothing to say or too much to say because I have no clue what to post about today. Shall I write a little catch up on my life paragraph where I add lots of rhetorical questions?

So this week has been half term for the kiddies and that means even more working for me (Yey fun!) . I haven’t posted in a while because I accidentally broke my laptop. So now I’m back to the massive one that needs a forklift to carry around. I went to a place in England called Chester and did a bit of shopping and today I treated myself to a new bed ! Okay I really have nothing to say today sorry. Sorry for the rubbish post. Seriously if you haven’t already stopped reading do it now for the rest of this post will be random blabbles with no commas or full stops to talk about so click ‘my blog’ and look at your own which must be far more interesting and funny than the strange uninteresting crud that is this post Goodbye for now Farewell my dear and I hope I haven’t wasted too much of your time 


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