Who Really Wins in War?

I went to a folk open mic night tonight. A man played a song about a Scottish war that no one won. Even though it was a humorous song it still got my mind reeling (as always). It got me thinking about war and the question of ‘Who really wins in a war?’. I did some research and found an image of two young women looking down on the graves of their husbands. One of the gravestones has a Jewish symbol and the other the Nazi symbol. This made me think about how both women had exactly the same experience. They had lost the love of their lives due to war. The men had lost their lives due to war. Innocent people had lost their lives due to war. This brings up the question ‘What is the point of it all?’

No don’t get me wrong I really do get that war keeps the population down, brings people together, creates stories, songs and culture and also brings morals to younger generations over who is right and who is wrong. But is either side truly right? Is it right to take young men’s lives? Is it right to settle differences of old men by killing younger men? Is it right to fight over things rather than work it out the civilized way? 

I know some people who read this will probably get angry and disagree with me. And to an extent I understand that some things must be handled with force if something awful is happening. But that doesn’t necessarily make it okay. I know this little rant won’t make the slightest difference to future conflict. But I do hope it makes at least one person think about the consequences of actions ( and sometimes even words) in day to day life. Be kind, be thoughtful and learn from past mistakes.

Sorry for the crazy post, but my mind has gone off on philosophical and ethical journey I can’t seem to stop.


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