A Quick little poem that might make you smile if you write too :)

I wish my mind were a type writer,

I would be one of the best.

A novel a day would spring from my mind,

My books would outsell the rest.


As I go on about my day,

The chapters would write themselves.

Everything I see would be noted and stored,

Then printed and stacked on the shelves.


3rd of January 11:42pm

I want to document this moment because it is the Happiest I have been in my entire life. I’ve just been to see a film with my best friend. That film has and will change my life forever. We walked home and all I could think about is how much I want to travel. I kept looking up at the stars, they were amazing tonight. Then I thought about how many people all around the world that were looking at those stars too and how much I wanted to be with them and watch the stars with them. This is possible the most cheesy post I’ve ever written but if you really think about what I’ve said in this post you will understand. People are amazing and they can do the most amazing things. I want to be one of those people. I’m done with doing nothing with my life. I’m only young but I really have nothing to show for the years I’ve been on this planet and no one who could say I’ve changed their life. I’m going to make a difference in something. I’m not saying I’m going to cure cancer. But I sure as hell will give it a good go.

hope you’ve enjoyed reading my epiphany 🙂